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Abuse of Children and Disabled People in Ohio

Abuse of Children and Disabled Adults

Abuse of Children and Disabled People

How widespread is the abuse? What is being done to make caregivers more accountable? Learn more

abuse in group homes

Abuse and Neglect in Group Homes and Foster Homes

Who lives in these types of homes? Who is responsible for the care given in group and foster homes?  Learn more

Abuse of Disabled Goes Unreported

Too Much of The Abuse Goes Unreported

Why are abuse and neglect of the children and the disabled not reported? Who is most vulnerable? What can be done? Learn more

Sexual Abuse of Children and Disabled People

Sexual Abuse

If a child or disabled person is a victim of sexual abuse how can they take action for the harm done to them? Learn more

Physical and verbal abuse of disabled people

Physical and Verbal Abuse

If a child or disabled person is a victim of physical or verbal abuse how can they take action against the abusers? Learn more

Holding Abusers of Children and Disabled People Accountable

Taking Action Against Abuse

Discover how to hold those responsible for abuse accountable for their actions. Learn more


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Helping Those Who Can’t Help Themselves

Too often, there are cases of abuse by caregivers against children and disabled people. Children in foster homes and disabled people in group homes are abused or neglected by the caregivers who are supposed to watch over them and protect them.  Because of their age or their disabilities, many of these people cannot speak for themselves or cannot explain what happened to them.  The victims and their families may be afraid to make waves and complain about conditions where they reside because they have no alternatives in their life.  They have nowhere else to live and they don’t want their caregivers to be mad at them.

These victims are part of a segment of society that we care deeply about.  Our law firm doesn’t want these victims to silently accept being abused and neglected.  We don’t want them and their families to be afraid of punishment or repercussions if they speak up about what is happening.

While most professional care centers provide excellent care and are highly regulated operations, some do not follow the rules and requirements and do not protect their residents adequately.  Poor hiring practices may result in some facilities retaining staff members with a history of neglect, abuse or carelessness.  In some cases, the employee may have a criminal history and your loved one may be a victim of theft, or even worse sexual abuse.

Sometimes when children or disabled people tell their story, no one believes them, even law enforcement.  We believe these victims deserve the respect and dignity that is shown to anyone else and they will be believed.

If you or your loved one has a problem with an abusive or neglectful situation, please contact us by calling 1-888-283-0737, chatting with one of our 24-live chat representatives or sending us a website message.


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Client Testimonials

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Client Testimonials

“I used Slater & Zurz LLP after everyone I contacted told me I had no case. They listened and it cost me nothing. Slater & Zurz LLP took the case and delivered exactly what they promised. They got me a settlement in the wrongful death of my father. They kept me informed every step of the way. They answered all of my questions, walked me through everything. They were aggressive and compassionate.

I met Mr. Zurz and Mr. Slater and they all treated me as though I was their only client. I noticed that when I would visit their office they treated everyone this way. They are caring and compassionate, yet aggressive and deliver everything they claim to do. I recommend to them to anyone who wants GOOD legal representation from a GREAT legal firm!”
– Sarah H.

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