Residential Treatment System for Youth in Ohio: Challenges and Solutions

Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) services are aimed at providing treatment and support to youth whose behavior and conditions may not be safely addressed in a community environment, such as youths with sexually troublesome behavior or those who start fires. Every adolescent requiring RTF services has unique needs, and their treatment options should be determined according to those needs. … [Read more...]

When Caretakers Abuse Disabled Women

Too many handicapped women in Ohio, America and across the world are abused everyday in patient-caregiver relationships. The people we trust to look over these women with disabilities use all kinds of tactics to overpower and control these patients. One of the strategies is intimidation, where they may sometimes give the patient a stern look or stare, or make a threatening gesture towards her to … [Read more...]

Abuse in Group Homes is a Terrifying Trend in Ohio and Across America

Without having good group homes, our society will be a lot worse off than it is. Our nation's youth are often put through major setbacks in their lives, such as their parents dying or abandoning them. Not only children, but there are also adults with no place to turn to during the toughest times, including people who have mental illnesses and/or handicaps that make it difficult for them to get … [Read more...]

Verbal Abuse of Developmentally Disabled People

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” Most of us are familiar with the old nursery room saying, but nothing could be further from the truth. Verbal abuse from a caregiver is painful – and shockingly common in group home settings. What’s worse is that individuals with disabilities are ten times more likely to be abused than individuals that do not have … [Read more...]

Actual Cases of Group Home Abuse from Across The Country

Institutions, abuse, shocks, restraints; these words can bring up images of the past of nightmare conditions for those with developmental and mental conditions. While creating institutions was initially positive progress in helping the disabled and disadvantaged, many ended up being places of horror and torture. Today we have better treatments, better facilities, better community outreach, and … [Read more...]

Taking Legal Action Against an Ohio Group Home for Abuse or Neglect

Is it possible for a family member to sue a group home in Ohio for injuring or causing the death of a resident? The answer is yes. These facilities can be sued for various acts of negligence—negligence in personal supervision and care, negligence in hiring and retention of employees, negligence in maintenance of the premises or negligence in selection or maintenance of equipment. But it is not … [Read more...]

Reasons Why Abuse of Disabled in Group Homes Is Not Reported

A group home is a residence for adults, seniors, young people or children who cannot live with their families for a variety of reasons often because their care is too overwhelming to be undertaken or continued by members of the family. The Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) defines an “adult group home” as a residence or facility that provides accommodations and supervision to six to sixteen … [Read more...]

Group Homes Failing The Developmentally Disabled

In the 1970’s group homes were developed to offer adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities a state-funded community option. The new, smaller facilities were designed to give freedom and independence to many who found themselves assigned to long-term care environments. Group homes were to provide an opportunity to live in a family atmosphere where the staff could be more … [Read more...]

Identifying Abuse of Disabled People in Group Homes

It is the most devastating and heartbreaking betrayal of trust a family can suffer. Yet, group home abuse is all too common. Residents with intellectual or developmental disabilities may not be inclined to complain or even advocate for their own rights. That makes them easy targets for abusers. Group homes are for individuals who cannot live at home, but who cannot successfully live … [Read more...]

Group Home Responsible in Wrongful Death – Family Awarded $7.2 Million

The family of a disabled Oklahoma man, Mitchell Boles, who died from pneumonia two months after being relocated from a state-run facility where he had lived for 40 years, has been awarded $7.2 million in a wrongful death lawsuit, according to the The jury verdict requires Renaissance Management Group, Inc. to pay Boles’ estate $3.2 million in actual damages and $4 million in … [Read more...]

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